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Business Stimulant Consultants, LLC (“BusStim”) brings an innovative approach to accelerating the drug/product development process for biotech/pharmaceutical companies. BusStim advances assets to key milestone/transition points through translational research strategies to increase asset value and mitigate risk. We accomplish this through a risk-sharing arrangement and utilization of a highly experienced Big Pharma team. Our approach improves success rates based on our upfront due diligence, cost efficiencies and strategic as well as  operational translational research planning.


BusStim’s Mission Statement


Partnering with academic institutions and biotechnology companies to provide industry knowledge and proven expertise -- thereby enabling them to de-risk their product, increase its value, and ultimately achieve long term financial success via a Pharma deal.

Where to Find Us:


Business Stimulant Consultants, LLC

3240 Henry Hudson Parkway

Suite 7E

Riverdale, NY 10463

Phone: 917-482-5642

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