Managing the Drug Development Resource (DDR) Alliance


  • Assemble a team of R&D experts with diverse skills and knowledge
  • Review and evaluate present status, scientific compound, reports, data, technical staff and management operation plans.
  • Develop and design a Project Viability Report.    


Engagement Implementation

  • Assemble the team
  • Development Plan (DP) with milestones and timeline
  • Development budget
  • Implementation of Translational Research Planning
  • Serving as Members of Joint Steering Committee (JSC)


CRO oversee and collaboration

  • Assist in evaluation and selection of CRO partners
  • Oversee and project management


Fund Raising

  • Package and Strategy development
  • Sourcing investors
  • Integrating Non-dilutive Funding, when and where possible
  • Development of risk sharing value amount
  • Assist in negotiating the deal


Pharma Partnering arrangement 

  • Package and Strategy development
  • Sourcing Pharma Partner
  • Assist in negotiating the deal

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