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BusStim offers a compelling business model which addresses many of the issues facing the biotech/Pharma industry today as well as increases investors’ rates of return by:


  • Selecting or “cherry picking” the assets with the highest probability of success
  • Placing more emphasis on  innovative scientific products not “me-too” products
  • Leveraging the power of collaboration and partnership to increase efficiencies
  • Mitigating the overall risk to Investors and biotechs through risk sharing and directly assuming a portion of the development risk via discounted and deferred drug success based fees
  • Reducing the capital commitments of Investors by infusing non-dilutive funding
  • Expediting proof of concept for assets by providing a sound exit strategy
  • Bridging the communication and development gaps between small biotech and Big Pharma

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Business Stimulant Consultants, LLC

3240 Henry Hudson Parkway

Suite 7E

Riverdale, NY 10463

Phone: 917-482-5642

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