A New Model for Drug Development

The BusStim Team


The leadership team and our team of experts

  • Provide a multi-disciplinary due diligence team to clients
  • Carve out a group of “the best of the best” in the Biotech community to form Alliances
  • Provide experienced management and leadership for our virtual group of scientific experts to client partners
    • Creation of a defined project plan(s)
    • Integrated teamwork
  • Implement translational research approach to reduce risk and if needed, new positioning of drug candidates.
  • Reduce funds required by assuming a portion of the development – risk sharing  – discounted & deferred cost
  • Increase value through strategic and proficiency planning of drug development success- Joint Steering Committee
  • Provide access to skilled Pharma experts & CROs


Biotech Community


We are continually evaluating Biotech companies from our source database of over 300 companies here in the NY, NJ and PA area to establish our community. Based on our several months of validation and business model refinement, our intelligence gathering highlighted. Many of these Biotech companies, in addition to the lack of capital, are missing several key industry and business visions and also the knowledge to present the right story to the Investment and Pharma industry. These gaps in scientific and business development knowledge are filled by our team partnering on a risk sharing basis. Instead of outsourcing their development projects to various independent consultants, BusStim becomes a development partner performing the work. We will perform our upfront due diligence to determine the asset’s potential and scope of work. BusStim will discount and defer our fees in exchange for a negotiated percentage of the proceeds from any future transaction of the asset. We are a stakeholder in the Biotech community reducing the funds required from outside sources which will help in this risk adverse investment marketplace.  


Universities & Research Institutes Community


BusStim establish relationships with these organizations to work with their spin outs companies as we do the Biotech community above. For the inventors and investigators with innovative technologies without the desire and aspirations to become an entrepreneur, we have added Company Formation/Creation to our risk-sharing business model.  

This approach will provide these institutes with ability to advance their technologies to a Pharma Deal by:

  • Negotiating a Licensing agreement or options to license with progress milestones

  • Recruit and bring in a management team with the specialized experience, knowledge and reputation to advance the technology. The inventor or investigator will maintain an active role as a member of the Management Team and/or Board of Director

  • Arrange the capital required to bridge the gap between the technology present stage and a licensing GO No GO decision point.

  • Assemble the drug development team from our team of experts to perform the preclinical and clinical trials activities.

  • Obtaining a Pharma Deal with BusStim’s extensive Pharma business development and externalization relationships.

VC/Investment Community


BusStim have relationships with small Investment banking groups and venture capital firms to raise capital for our Biotech partners. The intelligence derived from our rigorous science, IP & market based due diligence system is used to develop a comprehensive funding package. Many of our potential Biotech-partners have years of failure in raising capital due to their inability to highlight and communicate the value of their asset/product. Our former Big Pharma scientists and physicians embed all the Key Success Indicators (KSI) into the package that Pharma partners are looking for in these assets. The investment community looks to fund what Pharma will license or acquire. BusStim business development and marketing experts provide the market analyses and competitive intelligence to maximize return on research funding.

The Right story to the Right sources equals success!               


Big Pharma Venture & Licensing Group


BusStim has established relationships with pharma companies to match our Biotech partners with their goals and areas of interest. BusStim can bring value to big pharma’s pipeline of required assets. After we identify opportunities, we will meet with our Pharma partners to establish a TPP (Target Product Profile) and a MAP (Minimum Acceptable Profile) that would twitch real negotiation not intelligence gathering discussions. Then, we update and brief these partners on the progress as we monitor, advice and oversee the clinical development of these assets. In some cases, we could amend or change the scheduled or planned “hand-off”.

We have these establish Pharma relationships due to the following “Value-Add”:

  • Identification of opportunities to address Unmet Needs
  • De-risked assets that meet partner’s rigorous requirements
  • Prospective assets aligned with partner’s portfolio needs
  • Translational research components aligned with human disease reduce risk & add value.


“BusStim is Bridging the Gap between Biotechs and Pharma” 





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