How we can partner with you?

Development of your Asset

  • We can partner on your development program(s)Instead of outsourcing R&D – partner with us
  • “Our Team” of experts can streamline the development plan
  • Through Translational Research – we can move candidates faster, cheaper, more efficiently with a higher rate of success

Maximize the Value of Your Asset

  • Partnering with us thru our Risk Sharing Model  creates a 
  •  win-win partnership
  • Our comprehensive partnering approach increases asset
  •  value & decreases development costs
  • Let us do your fund raising – our Risk Sharing Model is attractive to the Risk Adverse Venture Capital investors 

Partnering Your Asset with Pharma

  • We have strong relationships in the Pharma community
  • Let us handle your partnering activities
  • Through licensing or acquisition transactions we will
    •  be able to maximize the value of your asset when it comes
    •  time to exit –upfront, milestones & contingency value rights


Where to Find Us:


Business Stimulant Consultants, LLC

3240 Henry Hudson Parkway

Suite 7E

Riverdale, NY 10463

Phone: 917-482-5642

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