Our Ideal Client

Our key focus is small Biotech/Biopharma companies located in NY, NJ, PA or CT with small molecules & biologics assets in our preferably top 5 Therapeutic Areas of Expertise that are at least at the late discovery stage. These companies will meet one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Seeking funds and relevant capabilities to advance their asset/s
  2. Recently obtained funding and want to employ the most capital efficient approach to advance their asset/s
  3. Possess a robust pipeline of assets without the management and scientific bandwidth to effectively advance their “Important but not Urgent” assets. 
  4. Working with their investment partner to find the right partner to complement their strengths


Assemble a team of R&D experts with diverse skills and knowledge to review and evaluate present status, scientific compound, reports, data, technical staff and management operation plans. Develop and design a Project Viability report.    


Co-Development Arrangement

A Biotech management team with the vision and willingness to implement a risk sharing partnership.  This arrangement will share the reasonability of overseeing the development activities using a joint steering committee (JSC). 

Where to Find Us:


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Phone: 917-482-5642

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