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Team of Experts

This team consists of veteran pharmaceutical and biotech industry experts averaging 25 years of Big Pharma experience. The present team of approximately 40 scientists, physicians and other professionals were vetted from a group of over 120 experts from NJ, NY and PA. This team was selected based on BusStim focuses and specializes in small molecules & biologics in the Top 5 Therapeutic Areas of Expertise:

  • Oncology
  • Cardio/Metabolic
  • Neurology

  • Infectious Disease

  • Immunology


Our team capabilities cover early drug development, IP & market

  • Pre Clinical
  • Early Clinical
  • Clinical
  • Market

These experts participate in our risk sharing co-development arrangement thereby making them stakeholders in this New Model for Drug Development.



In addition to assisting in the selection of and oversight of CRO activities, BusStim is currently establishing relationships with certain CROs that are willing to participate in a risk sharing arrangement. These CROs willingness and capability to discount their fees further reduces the amount of capital required to advance the asset.  BusStim is actively building their network of valued partners in the CRO space.



We are partnering with angels, angel groups, family offices, foundations, and some VCs that are focusing on early stage investments to bridge the valley of death gap. Furthermore, whereas most investors believe they have a team of industry experts, few if any can match the extensive breadth and depth of expertise possessed by BusStim’s team of Experts. Exploiting this synergy, BusStim is interested in entering into these partnership arrangements. This synergy will not only serve to reveal promising opportunities to a broad investor base, but allow for the development of compliant knowledge teams crucial to deal vetting, structuring, and execution.

Value Add for Investor partners

  • Mitigate risk via translational approach based on human biology,
  • Vetted opportunities-Rigorous science & market based due diligence system
  • Improved efficiencies & lower costs
  • Oversee and monitor Investment risk

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