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Based upon our analysis of current events, reasonably foreseeable trends in the pharma industry, as well as our overall collective experiences, BusStim identified a void and/or gap in the traditional drug delivery model.  To address this problem BusStim created a new business model that it feels can opportunistically fill the void in the traditional drug delivery model, in order to create a seamless partnership between Big Pharma and the BioTech community, thereby successfully meeting the needs of both parties.


Currently, there is a major gap between the Biotech community (where all the new innovations, technologies, discoveries and new products are being incubated) and Big Pharma (which needs to continually grow their pipeline and commercial sales).  Big Pharma in a change from the past is now attempting to implement "Pharma R&D Externalization".   However, the undercapitalized BioTech community does not have the Big Pharma experience nor the translational research knowledge base necessary to support this new model.  In response to the above, we are here to satisfy the needs of both Big Pharma and the BioTech community.  The BusStim model will develop assets quicker, more efficiently, cheaper and with a higher success rate than the traditional model.


To service this void and/or translational research need in the industry, BusStim initially formed a highly experience team that possessed all the skills and knowledge needed to be the glue or hub of a new drug delivery model -- BusStim’s Alignment of Partnering Strategy & Value-Add -- that would ultimately coordinate all of the moving parts of this new drug delivery model.  Thier leadership team is made up of industry scientific and business development executives working together with financial and legal professionals. The leadership team then vetted very large group of scientists, physicians and others to obtain approximately 40 veteran R&D experts to complete the BusStim team.

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